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"ScalpSense has been a game-changer for me. I used to feel so self-conscious about my thinning hair, but now I feel confident and beautiful again. This brush has truly transformed not just my hair, but my life!" - Jayne D.

  • checked--v1Naturally reduce hair loss (No meds)
  • checked--v1Grow healthier and fuller-looking hair
  • checked--v1Stress relieving (sleep, feel and live better)
  • checked--v1Reduce headaches and migraines
  • checked--v1Try it risk-free for 12 months

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  • FDA Cleared
How does it work?

ScalpSense Pro Brush utilizes advanced medical-grade lasers and red light technology to stimulate hair growth. The red light therapy energizes the hair follicles, increases blood flow to the scalp, and minimizes inflammation. Just 15 to 30 minutes a day of use can lead to thicker, fuller hair within 3 to 6 months. The device is easy to use and designed for daily treatment to ensure optimal results.

But wait!...what’s ScalpSense?

ScalpSense Pro Brush is a cutting-edge hair growth device that combines medical-grade lasers and red light technology to treat hair thinning, bald spots, and receding hairlines. It’s designed for specific hair loss classifications and is FDA cleared for safety and effectiveness. Our device offers a non-invasive, drug-free solution for hair restoration, providing users with a convenient and effective way to achieve fuller, thicker hair.

Achieve Thicker, Fuller & Healthier hair

Your hair is a defining part of your appearance; it speaks volumes about your vitality and self-image. It's what people notice first and remember most.

Years of stress, pollution, and genetics can lead to hair thinning, bald spots, and receding hairlines—visible signs of aging and loss of confidence. Reclaim your hair's natural thickness and strength with ScalpSense Pro Brush.

Proven by Decades of Rigorous Scientific Research!

ScalpSense Pro Brush utilizes advanced medical-grade lasers and red light technology, trusted by healthcare professionals for its effectiveness in stimulating hair growth. The brush gently massages the scalp, increasing blood circulation and enhancing the delivery of light energy deep into the hair follicles.

Featuring the latest in laser and light technology for optimal results, just 15 to 30 minutes a day is all it takes to achieve thicker, fuller hair within 3 to 6 months.

How To Use

  • 1

    Step One: Apply a few drops of your preferred serum or essential oil (optional) to the designated compartment on the ScalpSense Pro Brush.

  • 2

    Step Two: Select your preferred mode. Slowly glide the device across your scalp, beginning at the front hairline and moving towards the back.

  • 3

    Step Three: Use a soft cloth or tissue to remove any remaining serum or oil from the dispenser. Then rinse the waterproof massager under clean running water.

Using the ScalpSense Pro Brush

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Results you'll see with your own eyes

Jane M.

Life-Changing for My Thinning Hair!

Reviewed in UK

Verified customer

After my second child, I noticed my hair was thinning significantly. I was desperate for a solution and decided to try the ScalpSense Pro Brush. Within just a month of using it daily, I started seeing baby hairs growing around my hairline! It's not just a brush; it's a confidence booster. I feel so much better about my appearance now.

Sarah J.

Finally, a Solution for My Oily Scalp!

Reviewed in UK

Verified customer

I have struggled with an oily scalp for years, having to wash my hair every day to keep it looking decent. Since using the ScalpSense Pro Brush, I've noticed a dramatic reduction in oiliness. My hair feels cleaner and healthier, and I can now go two days between washes. This brush is a game-changer for anyone with similar issues.

Rachel L.

Boosted My Confidence

Reviewed in UK

Verified customer

I experienced significant hair loss. It was devastating. I started using the ScalpSense Pro Brush and within three months, my hair is fuller, and new growth is visible. It's like a miracle! This brush has given me my confidence back, and I couldn't be happier.

Olivia M.

Perfect for Busy Mums!

Reviewed in UK

Verified customer

As a busy mum of three, finding time for self-care is challenging. The ScalpSense Pro Brush fits perfectly into my hectic schedule. Just 15 minutes a day has made a noticeable difference in my hair's thickness and health. It's quick, easy, and truly effective. I highly recommend it to other mums out there.

Hannah K.

No More Itchy Scalp!

Reviewed in UK

Verified customer

I've had an itchy scalp for as long as I can remember, and nothing seemed to help. The ScalpSense Pro Brush has been a lifesaver. The combination of red light therapy and gentle massage has soothed my scalp and reduced inflammation. It's such a relief to finally have a solution that works.

Laura B.

Rejuvenated My Hair After Pregnancy

Reviewed in UK

Verified customer

Pregnancy took a toll on my hair, leaving it thin and lifeless. I was skeptical but hopeful when I purchased the ScalpSense Pro Brush. To my surprise, it worked wonders. My hair is now thicker and more vibrant, and I feel more like myself again. It's worth every penny!

Chloe S.

A Must-Have for Hair Growth

Reviewed in UK

Verified customer

I've tried countless products to combat my thinning hair, but nothing worked until I found the ScalpSense Pro Brush. The targeted red light therapy and massage have significantly improved my hair's density. I feel more confident and love the way my hair looks now.